Kudos to the Wind

Hi guys! Today was so windy, it was difficult to take these pictures without my hair going all over the place. 

I know I said I won't be posting any photos of my body just yet because I am insecure but I couldn't help it. This outfit was so simple yet chic I just had to come and show you guys, while also hiding the tummy.

A quick trip to Caffe Demetres quickly turned into a Five Guys run when I saw the line and how long it was to get it in. NOPE! This skinny chic needed some food and she needed it now! 

Don't you just love how the Canadian breeze is showing you all my lovely edges?!

Jacket: Forever 21
Low-Rise Medium Wash Denim Jeans: Forever 21
Leopard Print Slip On Runners: Urban Planet
White Envelope Clutch: Forever 21

It is still pretty chilly here in Brampton, so I had to take this coat out for yet another spin. I love it! It is a nice edgy spin on the classic black trench coat. This coat comes collarless, which indicates it is meant for warmer weather. It has such a nice slender yet not too tight fit to it and let's not forget the faux leather paneling on the bottom. I also rolled up the sleeves just a tad bit because my little arms were swimming in there. That would be my only con with this jacket, the sleeves need to be more slim. 

I paired this all lack coat with a pair of low rise skinny jeans in medium wash and leopard print slip-ons for a casual and easy fit. I love looks that are very easy to put together and can be worn more than once by changing your accessories. Means less shopping and more plotting, for my clients that is ;).

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I do not know when I will be posting another body picture, but as mush as it bothers me I will try my best to get one up for you guys asap. Until next time, latah!
The face you make when you are through with the wind.
Bae, did you take it?

MOTD (better shot)

Stay tuned for a tutorial on this look on my Youtube channel

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