It is finally upon us Canadians. Sweater weather has arrived! But that also means Ms Beaver is sick from the weather change.

Just wanted to show you my new favorite candle scent from Bath and Body Works. This is the scent Sweater Weather, which has notes of eucalyptus, juniper berry, and fresh sage. It smells remarkable! The perfect candle to light in your living room throughout the day and also just before your bf/hubby gets in from work. It is very welcoming and really does remind me of warm days during the fall, because we do get a few of those.

In this photo I even caught a glimpse of the tree in my front yard in its changed color for the fall season, looks just like the photo on the candle.

Just wanted to come to you guys quickly and show you one of my new favorite home decor items for the fall. This is going to be a new series as well since I am in the process of looking for a new place. I figured it would be nice to show you how I decorate my new place with the upcoming holiday season and just some tips and tricks for DIY and affordable decor.

Until the next post, bye Beavs!

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