That's right, I am 15 weeks pregnant and loving it. So sorry to you all for disappearing, but I was very sick in the beginning of my first trimester. I've gotten the hang of it now. My boyfriend and I are more than excited, we cant wait to become parents and bring our bundle of joy into this world. We are not sure of the sex of the baby just yet, but whatever we are having, we can't wait to meet you pookie!!

 I have decided to share some of my do's and don'ts during this pregnancy with you all. I mean, no point in keeping ll the secrets to myself. Sharing is caring. From prenatal workouts, to cravings, what not to wear and my favorite things to do I will try and keep you all up to date from now on, fingers crossed!

 See you in my next post, later guys from baby and me! :)

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