Ice Ice BABY!!

Brrr, baby it is cold outside! Thank goodness these past few days have not been ridiculously cold, but they have been dangerous.
Here in Canada, we have been experiencing freezing rain for the past 2-3 days nonstop. Just imagine trying to walking to your car and nearly dislocating a hip. Sigh, oh how I miss summer. Last night however, was the worst night of them all. Everything froze over. Power lines, trees, outdoor Christmas decorations. Frozen! My entire neighbourhood was without power for hours. Everyone had to dig and scrape their cars out of ice and use hot water to melt the wheels.
I must say it was an interesting experience. Every Tim Horton's was packed because no one had food. But the sight of the frozen leaves was ever so beautiful. Despite the weather I found peace and beauty in the storm...LITERALLY!

Here are some photos of my Sunday Ice Experience. I also included some pictures of my family Christmas Tree. Hope you all are doing well. 3 more days until Christmas!

Blue and Silver Theme!

Instead of using a traditional tree topper, such as a star, an angel, or a Santa Claus figurine, we decided to keep it classy and use bows and ribbons to surround the top of our tree.

This is right outside of my house!

These icicle are dangerous!

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