GOODBYE 2014 HELLO 2015!!

Thank you for an amazing year!

As I reflect on 2014 and all the that I have encountered and accomplished I can't help but smile.  It was a trying year for me, and most times I didn't think I would make out on top. But I did, and 2015 will only be better than ever. 

Thank you followers for being loyal and giving me a platform to showcase my talents and abilities. Thank you for allowing me to enter your homes for just a few moments, I hope you enjoyed every last minute of it. The new year will only bring more success and growth to my brand and business. I have so much planned (not to mention raising a daughter) that I can hardly wait. It will be a bumpy road, but the oath to success is NEVER easy. Remember that!

If you enjoyed me this year then I will only continue to surprise you next year. So much in stored for my blog, my YouTube channel, and my upcoming clothing line (yes I still plan to do this project). I hope to see you all with me on the other side.