Hey Beavs! I received a sample of the Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo & Conditioner in the mail and figured I should telly you guys how I feel about it.

Seeing as these products contain honey I instantly knew my hair would fall in love. As a natural hair girl, marital ingredients in products work best with my hair. I have been recently learning that and seeing amazing results.

I used to hate shampoo but because I figured it made my hair too dry. The Honey Treasures shampoo does not do this. It gives my hair life, literally. My hair had been in braids for 3 weeks so the shampoo really got to working on my hair. It woke my hair up, and left it feeling moisturized. The conditioner, was the icing on the cake. My hair smelt amazing, and it felt super soft. My curls popped and I could see the elasticity was revived in my hair.

The Honey Treasures collections claim to rejuvenate the hair by using honey as a natural moisturizer. I can honestly say it did just that. So far, I have tried 2 flavours from the Whole Blends line and I have been impressed. I will definitely be picking up the full size products. They also have a Honey Treasures hair mask, and I will be picking that up as well. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see when I purchase them!


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