Hey Beavs! A lot of the time we don't think we need to keep our skin hydrated during the summer time since we sweat so much. Well that is definitely wrong. Just like our bodies, our skin can be dehydrated too. Besides drinking plenty of water, it is good to use oils and moisturizing skin products to keep your skin feeling soft throughout the season.

Late last month, I received some shower products from Vichy Laboratories and Chick Advisor. I have been using them since then and can now give you guys a full and honest review of the products.

Replumping Lip Balm:
The scent of this lip balm is not my favorite as it gets in your mouth when applying it. However, this is very moisturizing. I use this every morning and night and my lips feel extremely soft. I can't wait to see how well this works on my lips in the winter time.

Spa Shower Gel-Cream:
This body wash has to be one of the best formulas I have tried in a long time. It has a gel look but feels cream. It lathers really nicely and has such an amazing soft scent. I have not even picked up any other body washes since I got this and I will be sad when it finishes. My skin feels so amazing after, subtle and smooth like I just exfoliated.

Ideal Body Serum-Milk:
When I first saw the name serum milk, I was not excited to try this body lotion. Reason being, I am very picky with my lotions. I prefer thick creams, oil based, or thin watery lotions for a bunch of different reasons and climates. I also like using baby oil or coconut oil on my skin before I apply lotion. I tried this lotion without oil for a couple days and it left my skin feeling sticky. Then throughout the day it blended into my skin and left a soft feeling. So I decided to try it with oil on my skin first. The lotion scent lasted long and left skin moisturized for the entire day. The scent is not amazing, reminds me of a more mature smell, but it is bearable. You could always just use your favorite perfume or body spray to mask the smell.


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