Hey Beavs!

As a lot of you may already know, where I live I am very limited when it comes to buying natural hair products for my family and I. When I saw this new brand at Shoppers Drug Mart a few weekends ago I decided to see how it would benefit our hair. Did I mention that it is a vegan brand? That's right, you won't find any harsh chemicals in these baddies so they are super safe for my natural hair girls. Let's get into this reviews!

I have been using it for a few weeks now on both mine and my daughter's hair. Her hair has had the best response to it so far. It has help with relieving her dry scalp and keeping her hair nourished. I definitely need to go back for the conditioner. My daughter's hair needs to be styled once a week and moisturized 3 to 4 times a week. So the oil mist is very helpful. Whether her hair is braided or in puffs, spraying this mist helps keep it healthy and from drying out.

As for my hair, it is a bit more complicated lol. At the moment, my hair is more on the damaged side. I am also 6 months pregnant. So my hair is growing but my ends are tangled and split. I need a lot more help than my daughter does. The shampoo has helped with my dry scalp as well but my ends are still extremely tangled and damaged. They need to be trimmed and treated asap. (Leave a comment for some great detangler sprays for natural hair). The mist I use every couple days, I never like over doing it with products in my hair. These products smell like coconut and fruits, such a sweet and lovely smell.

Overall, I can say that Maui Moisture is working well for my daughter's hair mostly. Since my hair needs repairing, I can't judge it fairly. I would definitely recommend you head to your local Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart to try these out. I grabbed them for $9 a piece but the price has gone up a bit. Still, very affordable and worth the try.