Hey guys, I have discovered a fashion based website that I believe you guys will enjoy.

This website is called Dahlia Wolf. Here you are able to make an account where you upload your favorite images of pieces and outfits. You can make collages to upload as well. these collages are based on an article of clothing you would like to have designed by Dahlia Wolf. If your picture gets 1,000 "WOW"s then the company consults with you, designs your piece of clothing, and sells it on the website, in YOUR store! You receive store credit and best of all 10% commission on each time someone buys an item from your store. Cool right?

I was so excited when I came across this site. I will be trying my very best to gain 1,000 "WOW"s on any of my uploaded photos. I don't mind the extra pocket change. It is also a great opportunity for people that need exposure in the fashion industry. So do not forget to tell your friends!

Start an account today and experience the amazing talent. (www.dahliawolf.com)

Also, follow my profile to see what I am up too and help me get 1,000 "WOW"s!!

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