Beauty Blender/Beauty Blending Sponge Review

Quo Beauty Sponge $6 at Shoppers Drug Mart
 Beauty blenders or beauty blending sponges have been raved about this entire year by YouTube gurus, makeup artist, and everyday women that wear makeup. They seemed rather simplistic to me so I decided to stay way from them until I was ready to commit on purchasing one. I have not purchased the original Beauty Blender from Sephora but I have invested in the Shoppers Drug Mart brand and also an eBay brand.
 So far, I prefer the eBay beauty sponge over the Quo sponge for various reasons. For one, the eBay sponge gets very large once it has been soaked with water. It also cleans a tad bit easier than Quo however is much softer against the face and blends the product out a bit better than the eBay sponge.
 Either I am pleased I purchased both sponges and plan on investing in the original Sephora Beauty blender. By finding cheaper alternatives, you can not only save money but also purchase more for a lesser price.
Ebay Brand Beauty Sponge $2.9 plus free shipping on eBay

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