Young and Chic


How fitting of me is it to feature my 10 years old sister, and mini me, Naomi on my blog today. I thought her outfit was very mature and put together so I had to share. She was pleased to be featured on Stylish Beaver 101. Alright, let us break down this outfit. She is wearing a black leather blazer to give her off white Sunday church dress more of an edge. The blazer gives you a sense of punk rock will still being formal. She isn't your average 10 year old I'll tell you that.
I decided to ask her a few questions about her outfit.
Why did you decide to wear this black leather blazer?
ANS: I knew it was going to look nice.
How did you know?
ANS: I can imagine my clothes and outfits on my body before I wear them.
What do you aspire to be in the fashion industry?
ANS: A model.
Naomi is very educated not only with intelligence but also with a great sense of style. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I see1 ;)