Glitter Me This (Outfit Edition)

My favorite time of year is shining bright...LIKE A SEQUIN!

Here are my favorite ways to wear sequins, glitter, metallic, or shimmer throughout the Holiday season. From shoes, to handbags, to dress, and skirts, the possibilities are endless. Glitter and sequins also add flare to an outfit that could be seen as plain or bland without it. Easy way to pick up your fit without much stress.

This is look number 1!

Nude and Bold colors always look great together and are perfect for any season.

Fitted or bodycon outfits are staple outfits during Christmas time.

Nice soft curls to give that subtle Holiday glam.

Gold Glitter Platform Pumps were my statement piece. I've had these shoes for 2 years now and they haven't failed me yet. 

I chose to go with simple accessories to keep the focus on my shoes. I wore a medium sized Cuban link necklace, and vintage Christmas inspired earrings.


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