Nude Holiday Nails Pictorial

I decided to do my own nails for Holidays. Not only to save some money but also to experiment with different colors and trends. This look is great for the workplace. It is not overly dramatic, but it adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look.
Here is a pictorial on how I achieved my Nude Holiday Nails.

Stay Tuned for 2 more nail pictorials! :)


-Nail Polish Remover
-Cotton Swab
-Witchcraft Nail Repair
-Witchcraft Nail Renewal
-Witchcraft Almond Oil for Cuticles and Nails
-Revlon Nail Polish in 711 Smoky Canvas
-Revlon Nail Polish in 115 Peach
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish in Sheer French Color
-Dr. Scholl's Pedicure Kit
  1. Make sure your nails are clean from any old nail polish or oils. Use the nail polish remover to remove the dirt.
  2. File down your nails. You can use a traditional filer or a electrical one. Whether you have acrylic nails or you are using your natural nails, you want to file them to give the nail polish a fresh and rough canvas to adhere to.
  3. Once your nails have been filed, use the nail repair, nail oil, and nail renewal in any areas where you see nail damage. This is optional but I recommend you do this step in order to keep your nails looking healthy.
  4. Apply Smoky Canvas to all four fingers except your middle finger. Apply Peach on your middle finger. Allow nail polish to dry for a few seconds or set under a dryer. Once the nail polish is dry, apply a second coat if you desire.
  5. Then take Sheer French and apply as a top coat on all your nails. Once again allow to dry.
  6. AND VOILA!! Your Nude Holiday Nails are complete!

Stay tuned for pictures of my results :)