Please Excuse My Boyfriend

Oooo it has been so long guys and I am terribly sorry! Between studying for finals, finishing assignments, and trying to stay warm, I haven't been able to post much. Fear not, because I am back!

Okay enough of that, this weekend I was able to get away for a while with a group of friends for a birthday hotel party. As you can see, my boyfriend was feeling my outfit just as much as I was! He wouldn't leave me be to take pictures of It by myself. He is featured as a guest this week, so say hello to Jerome everyone. I decided to keep it comfy and casual, seeing as we were staying in the room.

Whenever I want a little grunge added to a simple look I throw on my Timberland boots. Mine aren't the actual branded Tims, they are a cheaper brand but they do the job well. I paired my "Tims" with high waisted Gap jeans and a lumberjack inspired button up. A friend of mine said I looked like the plumber ;)! I wore simple makeup, (eye liner, mascara, and lip-gloss) to keep the ready to go look. And when your hair isn't cooperating with you, you throw on a hat!

Description of Outfit:
-Red Jamaica Cap (From Jamaica)
-Black Tank Top (Forever21)
-Blue and White Plaid Shirt (Thrifted)
-High Waisted Gap Blue Jeans (Thrifted)
-Knock off Timberland Boots (Payless Shoe Source)