Products I Use On My New Glowing Skin

  I usually ignore my skin, which is wrong. I take a shower, soap up with a shower gel I got for Christmas, use Organix dry Moroccan Argan oil, and step out the shower and use some cheap lotion I find to give myself a little moisture. That routine has to slightly change. 

  I'm sure you all are aware of the huge Bath and Body Works sale that has been going on. Well, I decided to take advantage of it! That's right, I bought matching scents for shower gels and body lotions. LOL I felt so sophisticated matching the scents. Okay, I sound ridiculous yes, but now that I am pregnant my skin needs to be taken care of with more attention. Bath and Body Works was just the first step.

  My favorite thing to put on my skin is baby oil. It gives me moisture and it isn't sticky. I also use baby diaper rash or prescribed cream for any rashes that pop up. That's right, I get a few rashes. It's warmer weather now which means perspiration. I have gained some weight in my thighs and that is my problem area. To prevent the rash from appearing or growing, I use baby powder, to help keep my inner thighs dry. It has been working so far, so I will continue to do this process.

  Last but not least, preventing stretch marks. DON DON DOON! Oh the dreaded stretch marks of pregnancy, one of the biggest fears (beside weight gain) when bringing a child into the world. How do I prevent mine? Simple, coca butter. That's right, the best way to prevent stretch marks is with natural organic products such as shea butter, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter. These oils help with keeping your skin clear, so the marks can't appear. Another simple trick is do NOT scratch your belly. I know, it is super itchy, but scratching your stomach is what also causes the stretching of your skin. When you feel the itch coming, just quickly spread cocoa butter or vitamin E oil on your stomach.

  So far, I haven't encountered any problems with these products and my skin. I drink a lot of water to help keep my skin clear, healthy, and glowing. Below are the scents I bought from Bath and Body Works. Until next time, mommy out! 

Scents I Purchased:
-SignatureVanillas (Coconut)
-Wild Berry Tulips
-Warm Vanilla Sugar
-Mango Mandarin
-White Mango Chill

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