Mommy On The Go

  5 months and counting for this lovely being to arrive. It is such a blessing to be carrying a child inside of me yet it is a task I never imagined.

 Pregnancy makes a woman want one thing: comfort. As a fashion stylist, it is isn't always about comfort, depending on the occasion. Lately I haven't had a choice, comfort is key. What better way to express simple everyday fashion and comfort than with joggers. Joggers are a trend that have come and stayed for a while a now. They can be worn casually but can also be played up and look semi formal. I decided to go with the most common way of wearing joggers and paired it with a tank top and some sneakers. A nice slick back bun and no makeup to keep with the simplistic look. Not to mention it was hotter than the devil's toenails that day, phew!

Items Worn:
Lime Green Tank Top (George, Walmart)
Heather Grey Fitted Joggers (Urban Planet)
Lime Green and Grey Runners (Urban Planet)

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