The Colors of Fall 2014

The colors of fall 2014 have been released and we have them right here! Cypress, sangria, and mauve are just some of the colors we all should be wearing this season. I myself am very excited. Fall is one of the greatest seasons, and I will tell you why. During this time we transition from shorts and cropped t-shirts to shorts and knee high socks with cropped sweaters. The weather has just the right amount of crisp air and sun in the sky. Oh, and don't forget the apple cider, warm soup and pumpkins.

Okay, back to the color trends, I got off track. How will you be wearing these colors this season? Will it be bold or subtle outfits? You can count on me to b wearing these throughout the season. I will choose my favorite (or all) colors and make ootds to show you guys.

P.S. I am 31 weeks pregnant and I am feeling super heavy. My poor little ankles can't keep up with me aha :p.