E.L.F. Cosmetics Skincare Line: Preorders

E.L.F. Pre-order Skincare Line

I love EyesLipsFace.com just as much as anyone that keeps their beauty products on a budget. Great quality products that work (sometimes even better than higher end products) for an affordable price. It does not get any better than that!

I was introduced to ELF Cosmetics in mid 2013, when I came across a very old video on YouTube by Shaaanxo. She is a New Zealand beauty vlogger and she was mention some of her products, and many of them where from ELF. So I decided to give them a try, I mean it was decently priced products and I was trying to expands my makeup collection. Ever since then, I have been in love! So you can only imagine my excitement when I received an email from them saying they were coming out with their own skincare products. Ughh, there goes all my coins! ELF just knows how to take my money!

In the last trimester of my pregnancy, my face started to breakout in random pimples and the pimples were leaving scars. Now I do blame myself for the breakouts seeing as I stopped drinking water and believe I will never do that again. So when I heard about the skin care line I thought it couldn't be any more perfect. 

Now they are not available just yet but can pre-order some of the products. They will choose 4 out of the 10 products created that their audience love the most and will make them permanent on the site. Also, if you chose any of the 4 products, they will ship it to you free of charge! Awesome right?

I ordered 3 products from the line, the exfoliating scrub, revitalizing mist, and the BB cream. I love exfoliating scrubs, they leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The revitalizing mist is such a great idea to me. For those days when your face just needs a tad bit of moisture, this is perfect for that. I would also spray this over my makeup once it is finished. As for the BB cream, you guys know I am a sucker for tinted moisturizers and BB creams. Their studio tinted moisturizer is my favorite and I also plan and buying their studio BB cream. However, one thing does concern me though, the BB cream did not allow me to chose a shade.

I am super excited to receive my products this month. Oh and don't worry if  product you wanted did not end up in the skincare lineup. All the other products will be available at a later date.

Hurry over to ELF to purchase your pre-orders now! Don't miss this great opportunity. Stay tuned for my ELF Skincare Video. Happy Wednesday! ;)

Pre-order Skincare Line

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