HM. Feeling a lack of inspiration.

You guys are probably wondering why I haven't posted any photos of myself in my outfits ever since I gave birth. Well here is the reason. I have been feeling a tad bit insecure about the extra pounds I gained.

Now for those of you that know me, I have been trying to gain weight since I was in high school. I hated being called tiny, skinny, and "crawny" just to name a few. It really bothered me and for some reason a lot of my friends did see why it ticked me off, so they continued to call me these names. I even recall my ex calling me tiny and saying it was okay to call me that because he was my boyfriend. Uhh, I think not!

So I started my journey to gain weight and I did not succeed. I would gain 2 lbs be excited and loose it within days of gaining it. It was a constant battle. In my head, I was eating more than I usually did, but to everyone I was not. That was when I made the decision to just work with the body I had and tone it. I started going to my college gym and I was loving it. The results were so beautiful! I means my butt was nice and high and my abs, let's just say they resembled those of CIARA!

Long story short, I got pregnant and obviously those abs did not last long lol. So I have been struggling just a tad bit with my new weight. Trying to get used to it and knowing how to style it and what I cannot wear because of these new founds hips!

Please be patient with me as I do more research and practice how to wear all my new outfits. Don't you worry, you will see me very soon. I can't let you guys down, but I do need to get out of this rut. See you soon ladies and gents!