Crochet Braids: Using Freetress Equal Jamaican Twist Braid

Day 1 of my Crochet Braids

I mean foreaaaal you guys. Lol I really don't want to sound crazy or "ratchet" but when I say I am feeling myself with this new do? Feeling myself, feeling myself! *In my best Beyonce voice*

Okay, time to be serious. Hey you guys and welcome back to StyledByBeaver 101! I almost never greet you guys and I want to get in the hang of doing that from now on.

Today I am going to talk about my hair. I have been natural since the spring/summer of 2011. When I started my natural hair journey, it was not a trend, at least not for young black women. I decided to go natural due to the state my hair was in. It had been through some serious damage and I was always getting compliments on my natural curls. So without research, I decided to go natural. No more perm for this young lady. I don't regret going natural, but I will say I do miss a slicked up ponytail I was able to achieve with relaxed hair.
Day 2 of my Crochet Braids

As you guys know, I wear my hair in sew ins or wigs majority of the time. Why? Because I am lazy when it comes to styling my natural hair lol. It just felt like too much work for me. Also, I did not feel it was at the length I wanted it to be just yet. So I tuck it away under false hair to give it some time to breath and grow on its own.

My latest hairstyle is one I have never tried before (imagine that). Crochet braids. Natural and relaxed girls are raving about this type of hairstyle. It has been known among the black community for many years as a protective style. I absolutely LOVE mine! A friend of mine did it for me seeing as I did not want to risk trying this by myself for the first time and I also wanted to see how she did it. So the next time I do a crochet style I will be doing it myself.
1 week and 2 days with my Crochet Braids
1 week and 2 days with my Crochet Braids

Below I have linked my Youtube video on what products I used on this hair. By the time I post this blog, it will have been 3 days short of 3 weeks. Look out for my upcoming styling video on how I style and wear my crochet braids.

Alright, enough rambling for now, I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a blessed evening/day. Depending on where in the world you are ;)

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