THE SOCIAL TALK SHOW| Thursday April 30, 2014.

You darn right guys!!!! A week from today my best friend Jillian and I were apart of the live audience at The Social Talk Show. Sooo much fun! I mean what a great opportunity. I don't have much to say other than if you are looking for a great date with the girls, then definitely sign up for free tickets. I was not originally going to do a blog post on this but decided why not share these amazing photos with you guys! The ladies of the show are even more gorgeous in person I swear, them cameras do them no justice!!

Anywho, please enjoy these photos and don't forget to check out my Youtube channel. I have been fairly distant from my blog and channel for some time now and I am ready to get into the gist of things. ;)

Lovelies, meet my best friend Jillian, aka Jaii!

Best friends for 20 years now! ;)

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