Hey Beavs! School is right around the corner for you high schoolers and college and university students. For many of us, that means early mornings and long nights. If you are like me then you have probably become a slave to coffee. It has taken some control over your life.

Well, I have decided that will happen no more. Other than coffee giving me serious stomach aches it also keeps me awake forever. Literally one cup is all I need. I don't know how some people drink multiple cups a day! 

So i ventured out to find an alternative that wouldn't cause my stomach pain but still keep me energized. Of course I could just drink detox waters, I do all the time. But i wanted something I could pack in my school bag. And here it is. Starbucks Refreshers.

It taste great and it is really refreshing...literally. The flavour I purchased is Cool Lime. It has notes of lime with cucumber, mint, and ground green coffee beans. The coffee beans are what keep you going throughout the day. I drink one cup of this in the morning to help wake me up and get me oing for the day. Since I am preparing to go back to school, this bevarage is perfect for me to throw in my bag alongside a bagel with cream cheese. It comes with 6 in a pack and I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart for $4.99. Not a bad price seeing it is a Starbucks products. I rushed back to pick another flavour they had, Valencia Orange. I will let guys know how it taste :).