Part 2 of my Mary Kay Haul

Hey Beavs! Here is part 2 of my recent Mary Kay purchases. Enjoy!

Fall 2015 "City Scape" Collection
Nail Laquer in Gallery Gray, Eye Shadow Palette in City Sophisticate, and Velvet Lipstick in Naturally Chic.

Hehee, don't you just love limited edition products!? Nothing better than losing your mind over a product you may not need and just might get lost in your makeup collection after 2 months JUST to say you have it. LOL I have a few of these types of products in my collection. But it is fun, the rush of adrenaline to be in line or at your desktop just in time to purchase the newest addiction. As much as these products fit the description, they are far from being hidden in your makeup stash.
I have had a nail polish in a similar shade like this before but it was old and dried out. I was so excited when I saw Gallery Grey. It is the perfect neutral color for the fall season. It is not a blue based grey, but has an olive undertone which gives it this nice, warm shade. I already painted my toes with it, I could not wait for the weather to get cooler!

If you follow me on my Youtube channel, My Channel, then you have heard me say multiple times that I do not need another eye shadow palette. But sometimes, I cannot resist. That antiqued gold in the bottom of the palette is the reason I bought it. Such an unique color. It has on olive and charcoal undertone, when applied to the lid it look like you are wearing 2 shadows in one. The champagne shade to the left side of the palette, is the most unexpected shade I have come across. When I swatched it, I was expecting to se a light champagne shade. WRONG! This eye shadow has a deep undertone, so it appears light when it is really a shade that imitates a charcoal color. The pink shade in the center is such a beautiful and everyday shade to wear throughout the fall season. It has shimmer, but not chunky like the other 2 metallic shades. It pairs perfectly with this plum shade in the palette. Of course, MK had to add a plum shade into this palette, I mean it is autumn! However this plum, burgundy blends very well with all three of the other shades. Curious to see how? Stay tuned to my channel! ;)
OKAY. Pretty sure I found my absolute favorite lipstick shade for this fall and I'm scared I may have to buy another one because it is 3/4 finished. Naturally Chic, is a gorgeous natural shade that looks different on every skin tone. It can be worn alone but looks beautiful when paired with MK Lip Liner in Cappucino and MK Nourishine Lip Gloss in Cafe Au Lait. Sigh, I am dead serious when I say I am going to need to repurchase this. ASAP.

That's all for today Beavs. Do not sleep on Mary Kay or their products, they do not dissappoint. If you are interested in ourchasing any of these items then PLEASE send me an email at See ya! ;)

Please stay tuned for parts 3 of my Mary Kay Haul. See you soon! ;)

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