BEAUTY| Mary Kay Haul (Regular Line Products)

Part 1 of my Mary Kay Haul

Who doesn't love new makeup. It was like an early Christmas gift!
Hey Beavs! Here is another beauty post from yours truly. I made a very large order with Mary Kay last week. I not only needed try out the products before I rave and go on about how awesome they are but I also needed to purchase some products that I have been testing and loving so far. For those of you who do not already know, I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I have been a consultant since the end of September in 2014. I have not spoken much on being a consultant or the Mary Kay products simply because I was being lazy. I have been sitting on a gold mine doing absolutely nothing with it. Ridiculous right? Well that ends now. In this post, you will learn about products from the regular line and limited edition  products that I got my hands. I have no complaints so far and have been enjoying these new additions to my makeup collections. Let's get started!

Regular Line: Face Products

Timewise Matte Wear Foundation in Bronze 1 and Mineral Cheek Duo in Spiced Poppy

This foundation is amazing. My face really does stay matte all day. My drugstore "matte" foundation stay matte but get quite oily throughout the day. The shade I use is Bronze 1. It is quite yellow, maybe even too yellow for my skin tone. However, I have both yellow and red undertones. A MAC artist told me that because I have both, I am able to wear foundations of both undertones. So I make this shade work. If I ever decided to purchase a shade with more of a balance or a red undertone I will let you guys know. But so far so good.
Summer means bright colors and this duo is perfect for a bright cheek. This duo was released during the summer time. As we all know, highlighters are the biggest thing in the makeup industry right now. Everyone is trying to glow like JLo. This duo will help you achieve a nice and natural glow. First off, the blush is super pigmented. I love using it on an everyday basis as a nice flush of color to the skin. One tap with my brush and I am good to go. The highlighter is pigmented however it is a bit sheer. It shows up on my skin, but it is not as chunky and super bright and chunky as my other highlighters. The best way to apply this highlighter would be with a small or tapered blush brush.

Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia and Oil-Free Hydration Gel

This finishing spray kept my makeup on all dang day. ALL DANG DAY!! I only had to powder my nose, which is normal for my oily skin type. It kept me looking flawless and helped my makeup look even more natural throughout the day. It sprays out as a very fine mist and the nozzle allows for an even application of the product. Buying this finishing spry will not disappoint you at all, you will love it. 
I purchased the gel simply because I ran out of daily moisturizer AND I was on the hunt for a moisturizer that moisturized my face but d not leave it overly moisturized and oily. I have oily skin, so oil on top of oil is not cute at all. This moisturizer is perfect for my skin. It leaves it feeling hydrated but does not set to an oily or dewy finish. My face feels refreshed and ready to have pounds of makeup piled on top of it lol.

Regular Line: Lip Products

Lipliners in Cappucino, Soft Blush, and Neutral. Creme Lipstick in Soft Blush

These lip liners are life changing! So very pigmented and creamy. They glide on like a glove and give amazing coverage on the lips. I legit have no complaints about them except I wish they were free LOL. You will fall in love with these liners. Pair them with any of your favorite lipsticks and lip glosses. They also come with their own lip liner sharpener.
This lipstick is very creamy and pigmented as well. I have the the shade Soft Blush. It is the perfect pink nude for the fall. Not too bright, but just the right shade so your lips still look nice and natural but also a subtle touch of color. It is very creamy and also glides on to the lips very smoothly. It feels like butter just rubbing on your lips. Just don;t eat it! ;)

Nourishine Lip Gloss in Pink Parfait, Cafe Au Lait, and Shock Tart

I have not worn lip gloss in a while simply because I have not come across any that I am in love with. I know I could go to MAC or Sephora and try some samples, but I figured why not just try some products straight from my own backyard ;). 
These lip glosses are so moisturizing. There is nothing sticky about them and I love that, sticky lipgloss is a no go for me. They glide on like butter and last for a few hours. The pigmentation in these glosses is also amazing. High quality and long lasting without breaking the bank. Simply pair them with your favorite brown lip liner and you are good to go.

Regular Line: Eye Products

Ultimate Mascara in Black and Eye Liner in Black

I usually stick to whatever mascara I am using and don't branch out to try new ones. But lately, I have been giving mascara a try. This one has definitely pleased me. It has a nice smooth formula that is not too clumpy and makes my lashes look very natural.
Now I used to be totally obsessed with eye liner in high school. I mean I felt so sexy and sultry when I wore it. I still love my eye liner, I just haven't worn it as much since the ones I usually use to last all day in my waterline. MK's black eyeliner has fixed this problem. It is extremely black and stays on all day. It does smudge, but not that much. A good tip ti help prevent smudging is to set your eye liner with a matte black eye shadow.

Compact and Eye Shadows in Driftwood, Stone, and Lavender Fog.

One of the growing trends in the makeup industry is build your palettes, and Mary Kay has caught on. This compact holds up to 6 single eye shadows on each side, 2 blushes on one side, an eye shadow palette on one side, and either their cream to powder foundation or sheer pressed powder. It also holds 1 lip gloss or lipstick. I picked up this compact because I knew I was going to get some single eye shadows to try and for my future purchases.
I bought a total of 3 eye shadows, They are all matte and are perfect for on the lid of your eyes or in your crease. The shade Stone is grey color with a blue base. It reminds me of the sky when it is cloudy out. The shade Driftwood is a brown color, with an almost murky green undertone. This color really caught my eye and I love using both in my crease and on the lid. The last shade is Lavender Fog, a light lavender that is pastel with a blue undertone as well.

Please stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of my Mary Kay Haul. See you soon! ;)

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