Hey Beavs! I am so excited to be writing this post right now. I have found a new makeup obsession and I am not ashamed of it. This is the BH Cosmetics Limited Edition Carli Bybel Palette. It was originally released September 8, but sold out completely the same day. I was so disappointed as my birthday is September 7 and I figured getting this palette would be the perfect gift to me. Carli herself kept reassuring her fans that the palette would come back in stock but we had to remain patience. I finally received an email saying that I was on the pre-order list and that I should quickly purchase it. I purchased it so fast and after a week and a half of waiting I received this gorgeous baby!

Alright, let's get into the formula and pigmentation of this palette. It comes with 10 eye shadows and 4 highlighters, so you get a good amount of product for only $12.50. The formula of the shadows ranges from dry to creamy. The matte shades are more creamy, but some do have a drier finish such as the mauve shades. The shimmer shadows are dry and creamy as well. The highlighters are not dry nor extremely creamy but they are very soft to the touch.
The entire palette is extremely pigmented as well. In the first row, the third and fourth shade have been said to be too ashy for women of color. I understand why many would say this, as they are pigmented but go on ashy if not applied properly. If you apply them on the lid remember to use a base, either the same shade as shadow or white to really help the color stand out. I have also found myself using the fourth shade in my crease as a crease color to help blend out other mauve, deep plum, or burgundy eye shadows.

First Row of Shadows
Top, flash
Bottom, no flash
Left to Right (Matte cream shade, Shimmer pink shade, Matte light mauve shade, Matte deep mauve shade, Matte dark burgundy shade)

The first row of shadows are perfect for everyday eye looks but also can be played up for a night out. You have 4 lid colors, 2 crease colors, and 1 outer V color. 

Second Row of Shadows
Top, no flash
Bottom, flash
Left to Right (Shimmer light champagne gold shade, Shimmer true gold shade, Shimmer bronze shade, Shimmer copper shade, Matte dark brown shade)

The second row is more for the girl who loves gold and bronze colors. You have 2 inner tear duct colors, 4 lid colors, 1 crease color, and 2 outer V colors. These shades are perfect for creating simple yet dramatic looks for the holiday season.

4 Highlighter Shades
Top, flash
Bottom, no flash
(Very bright pink shade, Peach, champagne gold shade, Gold shade, Bronze shade)

I am literally in love with all of these highlighters. They are so pigmented and a little bit is needed for the perfect amount of glow. The first shade is very bright, especially for my skin tone. I have to use a very light hand when applying this shade to my cheekbones or else it will come off as ashy. The second shade is a nice everyday glow. It has a white grape undertone that allows your skin to look as if it is glowing from within. The third is a true gold highlighter, and every girl needs a gold highlighter in their collection. It looks amazing on all skin tones and can be worn all year round. The last shade is a true bronze color that would work differently for different skin tones. For lighter skin tones, you could use it as a bronzer for the face. For darker skin tones you could use it as a dramatic highlighting shade or even a blush topper, to give a matte blush a nice bronzed shimmer.

I have not recorded any videos just yet featuring this palette and it's awesomeness but I am working on them. I hope you guys run out to pick this palette up, it is only $12.50 and can be found on

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