Hey Beavs! On Sunday, I went to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to see the new winter and holiday makeup they had. I saw plenty of gift packages from Quo, the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty brand, but I wanted to see what they had for the ladies on a budget. And then I found it

If you are not familiar with this brand, then you need to be. Essence is a cosmetics brand based in Sweden that provides quality makeup at such an amazing price. Now, they do cater more to lighter skin tones than women of color, however I have found ways to work with their products.

I have been using Essence products since 2011, so I am no rookie to this company. I have tried their eye shadow primer, smokey eyes set, lipstick, gel liner, liner brush, highlighter, and blush. But enough with the rambling, lets get on to this palette.

This is the Mountain Calling palette. Inspired by the cottage, and skiing, this palette offers a nice range of shades perfect for the winter time.. It comes with three neutral shades, and three bold shades. You can mix and match between them to create different looks for many occasions.

Here are the colors against my skin tone. As you can see, the shimmery white shade and the cream shade would be great as inner tear duct colors and eyebrow highlights. If you are lighter than me then you can wear these shades on your eye lids. The shimmery brown would be awesome for the eyelid as an every day shade. The green and dark/navy blue can also be worn on the eye lids for a bold smokey eye.. Just do not forget to use a warm brown shade in the crease so these color blend well. The bright blue shade is great for a dramatic blue eye look. Use this shade on your eyelid and use the dark blue on your outer V.

None of these shadows come off as chalky, but blending is always key. I already a tutorial up on my channel featuring this palette. I will be posting 2 more in the coming week so def stay tuned.

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