Hey Beavs! We are now in the winter season and when I tell you my skin has been going through it, it ain't no joke. I have been taking extra steps to keep my face moisturized and reduce the amount of dry patches. One of those steps was finding a hydrating foundation. And I did. The Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation could not have come at a better time.

This foundation claims to give you a matte look without looking or feeling extremely drying on the skin. At first I thought this was just pure foolishness. How can a foundation be matte but not drying to the skin? Well, I am not sure what kind of magic Maybelline worked into this foundation but it does exactly what it claims! I always use a primer when I wear makeup but for the sake of trying this foundation for the first time, I did not wear any.It lasted all day and I had a little but of oils peeking through around my nose.  Nothing surprising to me as this usual happens for me. My face also felt really moisturized and not overly oily. With primer, I get even less oil peeking through and the foundation last just as long. It definitely goes on smoother with a primer so keep that in mind.

I picked up the shade 92 Caramel and it i a perfect match for me. As you can see in the swatch, the foundation looks exactly like my skin. The under tone is more of a beige, pink but blends perfectly into my skin (Refer to next picture). 

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick review on the Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation. If you would like to see a demonstration of how it looks on me then click on the video below!

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