Hey Beavs! A few weeks ago I made a huge purchase with Mary Kay. I needed some skincare products seeing as we are now heading into spring. I picked up 6 items and today I am going to tell you how I feel about them.

I have been on the hunt for a mask that actually helps draw out the excess oils in my face and I believe I have finally found it. This is the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask in the 3rd Formula (Oily skin formula). I also picked up the Freshen Spray from this line. 
The spray is super refreshing, perfect for those upcoming hot summer days. I like to spray my face directly after washing it and/or before I apply my makeup. It is meant to help keep the face feeling fresh and keep your face looking fresh but not oily. 
Now the mask, literally a life saver. I have NEVER come across a face mask that instantly dries as you are applying it to your face. You read that right, it dries extremely fast! I squeeze a decent amount onto my fingertips, not too much, and start to spread across the face. You do not want to use too much as the product will dry out before it gets to your face. I leave it on for 15-30 minutes. After rinsing, my face feels so smooth. It also minimizes my oils and helps with the shrinking of my pores.

As we are just escaping the brisk winter air, my lips need some serious love and care. This winter was quite brutal towards them. Mary Kay to the rescue! The Satin Lips Duo comes with a lip mask and lip balm. Both very easy to use and quite effective as well. The first couple of times I used it, it did not show me the greatest results. I soon found out I was using the products wrong, How embarrassing lol. First, you take the mask and apply it to your lips. Then rub, either using your finger or lips, the product all over your lips continuously for 1-2 minutes depending on how damaged they are. Once you are finished rubbing, rinse your lips, pat dry and then apply the lip balm.
The lip mask is a medium consistency with little bits of walnuts in it. The walnut shavings act as the exfoliate to help remove dead skin from your lips. The lip balm has an oily type consistency. I don't apply too much, just a decent amount and allow my lips to soak it all up.

I have finally decided to take my primers seriously. I know it is about time.  So I picked up the Oil Mattifier. I was not sure how to feel about this, seeing as I was new to using mattifing type products for my pores and T-zone. The consistency put me off even more. It has a runny, serum like consistency and feel. It does not feel like it would keep your face matte. Actually, it feels like everything would slide all over the place. But I still decided to give it a try. I applied it to my nose and forehead and I blended it into my skin. I say blend it out, until you see your skin has completely soaked it up. After wearing it the first day, I realized my nose did NOT get oily. It didn't feel dry either. I was very surprised. Goes to show, do not judge a book by it's cover!
I go through primers like I go through water so I am always making sure I have a variety of primers to choose from, especially for different occasions and looks. This primer does a great job in making my makeup last all day. My only con is the horrible smell. It reminds me of grandma perfumes, very strong floral scent. Besides the scent, it has a nice thick consistency. It is not too thick but it is thick enough to give a great base to the face.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products click the link. Otherwise, see you next time!

**This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased these products with my OWN money.**

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