Hey Beavs! I know I have been gone for soo long. I needed a little bit of a break. Anywho, I have been on the hunt for some new tinted moisturizers, BB or CC Creams to add to my collection. They are perfect for those days I want a light coverage, for example the beach, or just to give my face a fresh dewy look. Of course, you know I not only sell Mary Kay products but I enjoy them. So I had to pick up some of their products to show you guys how I achieve my summer look. I also picked up a translucent powder, concealer, and facial highlighting pen to help me achieve my summer skin.

Let's start with this Translucent Powder. Baking your under eye concealer has become a trend. The technique of baking allows your makeup to set and last all day. Using an excessive amount of translucent powder soaks up the moisture in the product allowing it to set to a bake. Now Personally, I don't use the baking technique unless I am going out and want my makeup to last me all night. I do use it to set my concealer and also the rest of my face. It gives me a flawless finish while keeping my oils at bay. I have tried 1 other translucent powder before this one and I must say this one tops it. It also does not give a flashback which is perfect for us bloggers.

Shade: Medium to Deep

I am sure you can tell this shade does not match me at all, it was way too light. So i mix it with darker tinted moisturizer or foundations. Now, since I can give my review and thoughts on the Cc Cream itself, I will say this; It gives me dewy skin without the oil. I say this because I realize throughout the day I get a natural finish from this product, even when I mix it with a mattifying foundation. So instead of taking an oil based foundation I have been mixing the CC cream with matte foundations to get a luminous look that last all day. There is a shade darker than this however it is too dark for my skin.


Bronze 1

Now this concealer, it is so amazing! I have been looking for a concealer that sets matte for my under eye. I love my L.A. Girl Pro Concealers but sometimes they just do not do the job for me. Especially when I want that full coverage look. I am even going to try wearing concealer and powder foundation together to see how that works.

This concealer has great coverage however you do need to blend it out quickly. It sets extremely fast and when it is partially dry it is more difficult to blend into the skin. You can get patches that are not blended out which will give you an uneven look. 

Shade 3
At first when I got this I was not sure how to use it. It is a Facial Highlighting Pen but because of it's orange tint I thought it would come up strange against my skin tone. I finally figured out how to use it. I like to use this on the center of my face, my nose, forehead and chin. It blends out very nicely and leaves a highlight that is not too ashy. The peach undertone helps it blend seamlessly with my skin tone.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am getting back into the swing of things and cannot wait for you to see the new products I have to show you! :)

**This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased these products myself**

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