Hey Beavs! I think I may have finally found a tinted moisturizer that agrees with my skin type. I came across the Joe Fresh Sheer Matte Tint in the grocery store and immediately grabbed it.

Now, if you were unaware, yes Joe Fresh has a cosmetics line and it is growing quite quickly. I have been using a few of their products and have been pleased with the outcome so I did not hesitate to give this tint a try. At first, I only saw the regular Sheer Tint and was debating if I wanted to risk looking like a grease ball. Then I looked to my right and heard the angels singing lol.

I paid $14 for this sheer tint, great price for a drugstore foundation. It comes with 1 fluid ounce of product as do most foundations. My only issue with the product is it does not cater to us women of color. There is only about 2 to 3 shades that matches us melanin rich ladies, sigh. I am not that surprised seeing as Joe Fresh shows manly white women in their campaigns.

If you want to see my thoughts on how this tinted moisturizer works with my skin then check out my first impressions video. Thanks for checking in yall! ;)

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