Hey Beavs! Summer time means dewy skin, lots of setting powder, and of course highlight that can summon your ancestors. I have quite a few highlighters or illuminators in my collection but I am always willing to try a new one because you can never have too many. Options ladies, always have options.

I love supporting small business, but I really love supporting my fellow black brothers and sisters' businesses. It encourages me to never give up on my dreams and that anything is possible.

Kaylux Cosmetics is a cosmetic company owned by Kaylar Will on Instagram and Youtube. I started following her earlier this year and loved her talent. You can imagine how excited I was when she announced the launch of her company. She carries 4 highlighter shades, 3 lip glosses, and 1 body highlighter. She is always releasing new products and shades so stay tuned to her Instagram to be updated.

I purchased one of her highlighters in the shade Halftime Show. They are loose powders so they can be messy. The color, is simply gorgeous. Pink, with rose gold glitters to make those cheekbones glisten. I have a pink highlighter but it does not give me the same affect as this.

In her demonstration video, Kaylar states that the powders can be applied by themselves or to use a liquid or cream highlighter underneath for longer staying powder. I have not paired this powder with a cream highlighter yet, but I can tell you by itself, it lasts forever. It blends so nicely and is not chunky at all. Throughout the day, it starts to shine even brighter as it blends with the natural dew of the face. Kaylar also mentions that she named them powders because they have multiple uses. You can blend them with clear gloss for a metallics lip gloss, mix in to your nail polish, or use as an eye shadow.

All in all, I love it! I will be getting a lot of use out of it this summer. You guys def need to check out her website and try it out for yourselves!

Kaylar's Instagram: @kayluxcosmetics
Kaylar's Youtube Channel: Kaylar Wills
Kaylar's Website:

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