Hey Beavs! More and more black owned businesses are starting to pop up throughout the world and it is so exciting. I have come across yes another black owned makeup brand that has great products and is affordable. Want to all about it? Well, keep on reading ;).

The black owned Canadian brand I have come across is Ajani Cosmetics. They provide matte liquid lipsticks that are women of color friendly. Not only do they carry amazing colors but they only cost $5. Yes, you read that right you aren't loosing it.

I first came across this company on Instagram but lost their page before I could follow. I then saw Boe Vintage of Idontgetpaidenoughforthis on Youtube use one of their lipstick in her video and decided to search them up. I purchased 3 liquid lipstick and paid for shipping, since I live about 4 hrs away from where it ships from lol.

The shades I purchased were Sealed With A Kiss (a cool tone red), Amaris (a dark brown), and Noelle (a soft everyday nude). Now I will say that the shades do appear differentially on the website and in person. My suggestion would be to go to Ajani's Instagram page or search Youtube to see what the shades look like in real, natural lighting. Sealed With A Kiss looks exactly how I pictures it would. It looks to be a perfect everyday red for the sassy lady. Just pair with your favorite soft brown lip liner. Amaris I thought to be a deep purple perfect for fall but it is actually a dark brown. Now I am a little sad it isn't a purple but this brown shade is gorgeous none the less. Noelle did have me disappointed. In the tube, it looks to be a cool tone pinkish mauve nude. But as you can see in the swatches, it is a yellow-brown nude.

A lot of the shades on the website were sold out so I chose the shades I knew I would wear. I will definitely be purchasing some more once they are back in stock. The formula is light, I can barely feel it on the lips. It dries very fast so be very careful when working with deeper shades. It last extremely long however you will have to reapply after eating or drinking. They also seem to be build able. I put on about 2 coats and it was opaque.

I will be looking for lots more black owned and/or Canadian makeup brands to bring to you guys especially with the Holiday season coming. Hope you enjoyed our chat today and I will see you later!