Hey Beavs!

As a mother, I am always finding ways to save myself some time. I mean I have a toddler, chasing after her is tiring lol. So some days I need to cut down on the time I spend beating my face and go for more practical and easy looks on an everyday basis.

I have tried stick foundations before, in college. I hated waking up super early to do my makeup and decided to cut my time down to 15 minutes every morning. Stick foundations made this very easy. I tried the ELF stick foundation. It matched my skintone nicely but I eventually started to realize it didn't work well with my oily skin. So I moved on to the Black Opal stick foundation. Just wasn't my cup of tea. I eventually gave up and stick to full coverage powders and tinted moisturizers.

Now that I am older I decided to try again with the stick foundation trend. Hourglass had just come out with their version, but I wasn't sold. I mean $55 for what!? So when I heard about Anastasia Beverly Hills coming out with their first foundation collection and it was $33 I screamed for joy.

Let me just say this right now, shout out to Anastasia for the amazing color range for us women of color. I mean great job, you guys really thought about us. I feel special.

I made sure I did my research even though the foundation was affordable. I wanted to either find my exact shade or a shade that was damn near perfect. I watched video after video on Anastasia's Youtube channel on the colors I wanted to choose from. I decided on Almond.

Now I have said this before but just in case you forgot I have both yellow and red undertones. In the winter I can pull off more yellow foundations and in the summer when I am tanned I am a bronzed goddess. However, Almond has a red tint to it. It looks amazing on my skin. It feels amazing as well. I draw a few lines all over my face and blend it in with a makeup sponge. It gives me a medium to full application and looks semi matte. My favorite part about this foundation is O don't feel it on my skin. Even after wearing it for hours, it still feels like skin. It also helps keep my oils at bay. I do wear a primer, I never go without one.

Overall, I will be repurchasing this stick foundation. I wish I had this in college, I would have been able to get lots of extra sleep lol. Oh did I mention this is my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product? Yah, it is definitely time to build a collection. Anywho, thanks for stopping by today. See yall in my next post!

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