Hey Beavs!!

When things in your life finally start to fall in place it feels oh soo good. What am I talking about? I launched my clothing line!!! That is right I am officially claiming the title fashion designer and finally putting my work out there. Not going to lie it is pretty nerve wrecking knowing those around me can easily judge my craft and work. It's like showing your baby for the first time. However, this is what I have wanted and I plan to do my absolute best with it.

I have also decided whenever I am about to release new products, those who follow my blog and Youtube channel will know and see first. Then my Insta family. That's right you guys get first dibs! It's only fair to treat the originals like royalty lol.

Flushed Crop Top: $50

Too Cute Curvy Girls Dress: $58

This is just the beginning don't worry lots more products will be released as we grow. I can't thank my followers and supporters enough for making this a dream come true. I have put my dreams, my clothing line, off for long enough. I have decided to put it off no further and to pursue my career in the fashion industry. Thank you so much for being here to see my growth!! Happy shopping Beavs!!

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