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I love shopping for myself but it can get somewhat stressful making final decisions when you get to the cashier. For some reason, shopping for my daughter or hubby is so much easier. Guess that is why I'm a stylist lol.

Spring will be here in just a few days, and Jaida's wardrobe needed some dusting, decluttering, and revamping. Because she is so young, she grows out if clothes quite quickly. Going through her clothes and removing old pieces is something I find myself doing very often. Motherhood lol.

One of my absolute favorite places to check for children's clothes is Walmart. They have affordable pieces and they are super cute. I picked up a nice spring windbreaker in this bright orange shade. I know spring is more of the pastel shades, but color is colour on a child in my opinion. They don't have to follow as many rules.

I have not stepped foot in Payless Shoe Source in years. I was so surprised with the new styles and such fresh pips of colors they had inside. Kangaroos, the first shoe with pockets in them caught hubby and my eyes for Jaida. They have Velcro straps which help with her learning to put her shoes on herself. We picked up the neon pink, purple and green ones, once again kids can have so much fun with color.

Carter's oh how I just love Carter's lol. Don't call me crazy but I am pretty sure almost every mother in this day and age are drooling over their styles, much like our mothers adored Osh Kosh B'Gosh. They are always on trend, fresh and bright with color, and have such amazing quality. My daughter was able to wear one pieces for several months after she out grew the size. I picked up a hoodie in this pretty neon peach shade with navy blue and silver stripes. These socks are in random colors, kids love things like that. Oh and a pair of gorgeous going out flats in navy blue with silver detailing.

Only reason these picks are so random is because I plan to go back and pick up a bunch more for her spring wardrobe. Stay tuned to see part 2 of Jaida's spring fashion haul!

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