Hey Beavs!

I have been complaining about not having enough lashes to rotate through in my collection. It really is key to have a pair in a few styles to give you a different look for different events and occasion. I have also been wanting to update from cheap, beauty supply store lashes. No shade to them at all, just a personal accomplishment for myself.

You can imagine my excitement when Tayylor Lloyd on YouTube announced the relaunch of her eye lash brand, Your Lash Bar. A mix of human and synthetic hair makes these lashes super soft and affordable. Only $6 US a pair! The amount of quality in these lashes you would think I pair $10 and up for them.

I bought the Dirty Martinis, applied them with my Joe Fresh Lash Adhesive and wore them for a whole day. I did not even feel them, I had to keep checking my mirror to make sure the wind didn't blow away. Light as a feather and so fluffy. I cannot wait to purchase the rest of her collection.

As of right now she only carries 3 lash styles, but promises to release more soon. Now you know what I am going to say, black businesses matter. Show Tayylor your support by purchasing a few of her lashes!

Youtube Channel:
Instagram: yourlashbar

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