Hey Beavs!

If you follow my styling page on Instagram, @styledbybeaver, then you would already know I am pregnant with my second child. He/She is due to come at the end of this summer and  I am so excited! I am currently 6 1/2 months which means I am in the state of nesting and organizing everything to prepare for babies arrival. This includes prepacking a diaper bag, looking through my toddlers old clothes to see what hand me downs are in good shape, etc..
As per usual, Influenster always saves the day lol. I have not purchased any diapers just yet for my newborn since I still have plenty of time to do so, not to mention my baby shower is still to come (stay tuned for a post on my baby shower). They sent me the Huggies Snuggle Newborn Diapers. Now I know you are probably thinking how can I review a product I have not used yet? Well, I do recall using them for my daughter for a while when she was born.

Huggies do just that, hug your babies bottom. It gives them a nice snug fit and allows them to move their little legs with ease. They don't cause irritation on the skin since they are so soft on babies skin. I did not experience any leaking or jelly coming out of the diapers which is great. Now I am not sure if they have change the make of the diaper so once baby is born I will come back and give you all an update on how I am liking the diapers.
See you all in the next post and make sure you follow my Instagram!

**I received this product for reviewing purposes from Influenster.**

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