Hey Beavs! 2017 was quite the year. We had some bomb makeup releases, my favorite being Fenty Beauty. I have been a Rihanna can since I was a teenager so there was no way I was going to let her new makeup line pass me by.

(Just wanted to mention that I am so in love with my new confetti I am using to decorate my photos. So freaking spunky 😂. Okay back to regular scheduled programming.)

Pro Filtr Longwear Foundation in 390, Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, Match Stix Trio in 300 Tan (Caramel, Truffle, Rum)

Foundation- Okay the first product I was interested in was the foundation. My collection was pretty regular and I needed to fall in love again. You ladies know I love a matte finish (currently looking to expand my foundation collection to include radient, natural finish foundations) which is why I had to get this. It has a soft feel and only a few pumps are needed. It is not cakey, but girl it is a matte foundation. If you are having a more dry type of day, stay away. It made my skin feel so ridiculously tight and cakey. On normal to oily days, it works like a dream. It literally looks like a second skin. Lasting power is booming as well. I've used 1/4 of the bottle so far. Yahhh, it's definitely my favorite right now lol

Highlighter- The internet practically exploded when Trophy Wife came on the scene. You either loved it and died and came back to life or could not stand the sight of it. There is no in between. It is so bold, a true yellow-gold glitter highlight. I've never seen anything like it. Probably the most pigmented and powerful highlighter I have in my entire makeup collection lol. When I first bought it all I would do is bathe in it daily. Literally walking around town with my kids looking like a Afro-Centric disco ball 😂.

Concealer, Cream Contour, Cream Highlighter- I 100% need concealer guys, I literally own the Fenty Beauty and La Girl. 2 concealer to my name. Pathetic. Anywho shout out to Riri for hooking your girl up. The formula for this cream concealer is perfect for oily skin types. It applies like a dream but once it is blended out it sets to matte powder finish. I love it. I'm going to get another on a lighter shade for more dramatic highlight looks. The cream contour is perfect for my skin tone as well (first time using a cream contour might I add). It does dry extremely fast though, so work fast. Either use a wet sponge or blend like your life depends On it with a brush. Now the cream highlight, yesssssss!!! Man it is popping!! Perfect for underneath your foundation or as a base to use underneath your highlight. It works on its own as well, very pigmented even when blended out.

Galaxy Collection: Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter in Spacesuit and Gal On The Moon, Eclipse 2 in 1 Glitter Release Liner in Later Crater

This collection was not the norm for a fall release, and I think that is why everyone really liked it. It was galaxy inpired with runway themes colors. Trying to get us out of the normal maroon shades and bronzey lids. I feel you girl. 

Cosmic Gloss- The lip gloss formula is superb! Very smooth on the lips, even though it is packed with glitter. The glitters are very fine, which avoids them being scratchy on the lips. The shades now are so unique. Spacesuit appears to be a peach gloss that reflects pink glitters. It is so gorgeous and might I say my favorite gloss at the moment. Gal On The Moon is a purple gloss with blue and green glitters. Its perfect for extreme, dramatic looks or to pump up your favorite campy lipstick.

Eye Liner- Now this eye liner is in a lane of its own yall. It releases glitter!! It applies to the eyes a metallic, semi matte shade. Once it is dry you run the liner with a brush and it turns into a gorgeous glitter liner. So impressive! The formula of the liner is amazing as well. I did not experience any crackly or caking when applied and dried.

Have you guys tried Fenty Beauty yet and what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!! 

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