Hey Beavs!

New products are dropping weekly, but we can't always afford them all. Whether it's luxury brands or affordable, we are all trying to budget the heck out of our pay cheques. Making sure not one cent is wasted and each dollar is put to good use. My new favorite way to minimize excessive spending is bulk spending. Buying certain items and products at once. Makeup subscription make this easy as well.

A newer brand called Deck Of Scarlet has been my newest favorite addiction. Every 2 months you pay $29.95 for a palette and liner of some sort that was created by some of our favorite YouTubers. The palette includes 2 cheek powders, 3 eye shadows, 2 lipsticks and a mirror. Each collab has a eye liner, lip liner, or both. All for $30, bless right!? Now here is the question; is it worth it? Well scroll down to hear my experience and the quality of the shadows.

Edition No. 05
This was my very first purchase from DOS and I was pretty impressed. The color selection and combo went perfectly together. The bronzer does not show up against my skin tone, so I use it as a transitioning shade in my crease. If you are looking for spring shades for the lips then these lipsticks are the perfect. They are creamy, long lasting, and semi matte. Also included was a lip liner, a pale pinky nude perfect for the center of the lips, and an eye liner, a dark brown shade.

Edition No. 6
As this was my second palette, I was super excited to receive it. If I did not mention above, you get to see what the next palette looks like before you are charged for it. This is a really good idea, seeing as we all don't have the same taste and may not enjoy it get much use out of each palette. With that being said, I dislike Edition No. 6. The colors are cute but not my style. They are very cool toned and appear ashy on me. That highlighter? A bloody no go lmao. However I must say the lipsticks and eye liner I do love.

Edition No. 7
Deck of Scarlet really gave me the blues with Edition No. 6, but No. 7 took my breath away. Look at that gorgeous blue shade! The perfect spring shadow, paired with a gorgeous bronze, electric gold highlight, and coral cheek blush. So pretty, I have honestly been using it non stop for the past few weeks. The lipsticks are great everyday shades, especially when paired with the brown lip liner. My favorite part of this collab is the shimmer pink-gold eye liner that comes with it. Such a unique way to add to everyday eye looks.

So now you know how I feel about Deck Of Scarlet, are you going to give them a try? I promise you, it's worth it! If I have convinced you, then click this link to get started.



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