Hey Beavs! I'm here to debut my current body type/size. I know I don’t have to do this and to be honest it isn’t important to bring to light. But I have been battling myself and my new weight for a few months now. I actually get a lot of compliments, you know great boobs or look at that ass, lol.  But it has been taking me some time to get used to. None the less I'm learning to love every minute of it!

Scarf: Aldo Accessories
White Bodysuit: Dynamite
White Beach Trousers: Sirens
Pink Velvet Flats: Forever 21

I wore this gorgeous ensemble to my best friend's bridal shower. It was an all white affair, my very first actually. Such a fresh yet dangerous theme. A bunch of hot gals wearing makeup and eating all white. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me. I managed to keep myself clean this time.

My original plan was to wear a dress but I could not find one that caught my eye. At the very last minute, the day of the party, I put this outfit together. Very comfortable, I mean this pants almost feel like a skirt. The bodysuit is a nice soft, stretchy cotton. It's breathable and gave me zero issues. Even though is was an all white party we were allowed to add splashes of color to our outfits, hence my pastel floral scarf and bright pink flats. I am completely obsessed with this outfit!!

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