Hey Beavs! I have been trying alot more new products lately. I can be very loyal to my face products and brands and tend not to step outside of my comfort zone. However, it is also great to try new things. You will either find a new favorite or learn to really appreciate the products you already love.

Thanks to Chick Advisor, I was given the opportunity to test a brand that has made its way to Canadian soil. Nude By Nature is an Australian makeup brand that is now available in Canada. They have a wide range of products, from complexion to lipsticks, all inspired by the desserts in Australia. All of the ingredients, like Black Castor Seed Oil and Kakuda Plum, are naturally derived and sourced. So yes, they are vegan and cruelty free! No harm to animals or your face.

Chick Advisor sent their Perfecting Primer and a coupon for 50,000 PC Optimum points from Shoppers Drug Mart. I decided to pick up a few more things to try and create a full face look. With that being said, their pricing is middle ranged. Affordable, but not dirt cheap, so I picked up what I could. Another concern or issue I have is their concealers shade range is not the broadest. And you can only buy the darker shades of their foundations and powders online. That can run as a problem, I mean not being able to see the shade of a foundation in person for a lot of consumers. It also shows a lack of representation from the company. I do hope they decide to bring their darker shades in-store and not just on their website. (I purchased a foundation and it is on its way. Stay tuned to see how I feel about it.)

Nude By Nature Perfecting Primer

When it comes to illuminating primers I am a newbie. I have oily/combo skin and medium sized pores so I usually buy mattifying and silicone pore filling primers. I never liked the way "dewy" skin looked on me. But ya girl has grown up and a complete matte face doesn't always do it for me. This baddie is such a treat for the face. It has a refreshing feel when applied and a lovely scent. Once blended into the face, it leaves a smooth, luminous base. Your face has this amazing glow from within, looks extremely healthy. It gives a tacky feel, perfect base to apply foundation to. 

Nude By Nature Flawless Concealer in 08 Café

Okay, now let's get into this concealer. For starters, based on this swatch in the photo, it looks like almost the perfect match to my skin tone. Wrong! It has somewhat of a grey undertone to it that pops up randomly on the face throughout the day. It is also the darkest shade the carry, ridiculous right? You mean to tell me in Australia they have never seen women darker than my skintone? I doubt that! 

The concealer is very creamy, which helps with giving moisture to the face. However, for my oily skin it comes off as greasy. It also feels sort of uncomfortable, I mean we all need moisture but this cream concealer feels creepy on me lol. It provides medium coverage but it smells like crayons. Needless to say, this was not my favorite product. 

Nude By Nature Shimmering Eye Shadow in Rose Sand

Now I usually prefer an eye shadow palette or quad, easier to create a full look that way. But this loose shadow really caught my eye. For one, it is versatile. Can be used as an eye shadow and highlighter! The color is this gorgeous rosy shade, perfect for everyday to glam looks. My only issue with it is it is super messy. Like when you open the lid it sprays out everywhere and if you apply to your eye lids from the applicator it has lots of fall out in the face. I would suggest using a glitter base when applying this and doing your face routine after so you don't have rosy glitters all over the face lol. 

Nude By Nature Moisture Infusion Lip Gloss in 05 Blush Beige

Okay as gals we know summer time means glossy AF lips okuur! I love have a very wide range of glosses to match all my summer moods. From thick and pasty to light and supple lol. From nudes to bright purples. You can never have too many glosses. This is the perfect everyday gloss. It feels like butter on the lips and has decent lasting power. My lips feel amazing when I wear this. I'm also obsessed with the shade, pairs perfectly with a light to medium brown lip liner and it also looks great over your fave nude lipsticks. 

As much as I enjoyed most of the products, I will not be purchasing from this brand again. I simply can't bring myself to give a justified reason why I should continue to buy from them when they don't think my shade of their foundation should be sold in stores. That just isn't fair. I do want to thank Chick Advisor for sending me the Perfecting Primer to test and bringing this company to my attention. I will be looking for replacements for the primer and lip gloss, since I loved then the most. 

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*This post is in partnership with Chick Advisor. They sent the primer for testing and review purposes. All other products shown and mentioned were purchased BY ME.*


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