Birth Date: September 7, 1993. Virgo.

It has now been 10 days since turning 25 and I've seen so much since. Crazy right? 24 was the year of the test for me. To figure out what I want from my family, friends, colleagues. What I want for myself. Turns out, there were alot of snakes in the grass that I was not even aware of. Sad but true. Some I cut ties with while others are still unaware of the damage they could possibly cause me and success. And to be honest, I'm still trying to make sure I'm cutting off toxic and unnecessary people and not just acting out of my feelings lol.

I had to relearn my body, how it moves and to love it no matter what. After 2 beautiful girls, it does not look the same. Being a woman means embraces all the changes that life sends you, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Just a bunch of shit. That's another thing, I'm taking shit from anyone anymore family or not. Done being a door mat. I refuse to have my daughrers thinking allowing people to talk them or treat them a certain way because of their authority or "that's just their personality". Deadass, no more misses nice girl.

Grateful for the amazing relationship I have with my loving boyfriend, one of my biggest supporters. Always cheering me on and helping me with ideas. And bringing me milkshakes even though milk makes me gassy lmao. He is everything and apart of the reason I am the woman I am today. Love to all my family, real friends, and supporters. You guys make me who I am. Now let's get into this birthday slayage!!!!

Hair from AliPearl.com. Dyed, installed, and styled by @Lavishlooks.xo on Instagram.

Faux fur: Winners
White Dress: Sirens
Sandals: Urban Planet

Thank you guys sooo much for the support! Lots coming in the next few days/ weeks. Just wait on it! 😉


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