Hey Beavs!!

September is gone and October has arrived bring that cool chill. Fall has taken its place in the universe. And I must say, I am excited this year lol.

But let's head rewind and go back to September, just for a bit. As you all know, it was my birthday and of course I purchased something from Sephora. This year, as my birthday gift from Sephora, I got the GlamGlow Hello Sexy Kit. It includes their Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask and Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow. My actual purchase? The Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette! Okay let's get into these goodies.

This GlamGlow duo is so bomb! I have tried a smaller sample of the Supermud mask so I was ecstatic to get an even bigger sample. I def need to purchase their mini size. It sucks out all the dirt and gunk in my face, leaving it butter smooth and clear. Might I add, I am super proud of my skin lately. You go sis! LOL KK let's get back to this glowy ass skin. The mega illuminator is the business. My skin is a glowing canvas without looking like a disco ball. The shimmer is super fine and blends in so well with my skin. I was nervous that the shade Nude Glow would look ashy on me, but it blends it so nicely and last all day. Did I mention it smells like flipping birthday cake? Yah, babe wants to lick my face cause it smells so sweet.

Now you guys know I love me some Rihanna and Fenty Beauty. They just don't disappoint in my books. They stay releasing new products, new shades of old products. And they include every skin tone. RiRi out here being the big sis the beauty industry has needed for a while now.
When I first saw the Moroccan Spice Palette, I knew instantly I needed to purchase it. It has colors I love but still some crazy colors you wouldn't think to use. That's what I like, push me to be more creative and try different makeup looks. If there is one thing I know, RiRi is not about simple, basic makeup looks. She is always going above and beyond with it! So far, I have only used the palette on a client, my bestie to be exact, but I have swatched it. The mattes are a bit powdery but creamy none the less. The shimmers and glitters are a mix between smooth and flaky. They do have some kickback but nothing unbearable in my opinion. Bestie makeup look lasted all night and the colors were popping, she loved it!!

Swatches of the Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette

Alright babes, that's all I have for now. I have about 4 more fall post for the season (this number is liable to change) that I am working on and can't wait for you guys to see. Stay warm and see you soon!!


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